Can you keep track of every event in your cases?

Proceedy Timeline

Create the optimal overview

Hos Proceedy stræber vi efter at optimere arbejdsgangen for alle der arbejder med sager . With Proceedy Timeline, you will be able to quickly create a chronological structure in the case material. Should new information arise, these can be added without any trouble. Create a good, clear overview of events and important relationships in any type of case.

Why use Proceedy Timeline?


Keep the overview of the chronology and important facts in the case

Getting an overview in any case is essential. Ensuring that you have covered all relevant facts and don't forget any part will help you in your case preparation. With our timelines you can easily add new information at any given point and ensure that the chronology is maintained. 


Highlight important persons and organizations in the case

Use galleries to map the most essential persons and organizations that appear in the case.

Document handling

Link important findings to your timeline

The core objective of any case are the facts that support the case. Markups can help you in your preparation, allowing you to quickly identify relevant findings in the case file and link them directly to your timeline or galleries. 


Share your cases with colleagues, clients and counterpart

Proceedy Timeline allows you to easily share your preparations with colleagues or other relevant parties. If you need help, input or information in your case preparation, it is easy to share and collaborate on the case. You can invite people by entering their email address directly from your case folder in the Proceedy Timeline.

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