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Proceedy Timeline

About the solution

Can you keep track of the events in all your cases?

Proceedy Timeline gives you an overview in a busy day to day life

Proceedy delivers industry standards. We do not develop systems for specific areas in law. However, we are focused on delivering tools that can help all lawyers get an overview and prepare for their cases, regardless of their specific area of work or the complexity of the case. 

We wish to support your work processes, by utilizing our thorough understanding of the legal industry, that we have gained through workshops, interviews and feedback sessions with lawyers and other law professionals in the industry.

Proceedy Timeline is your digital overview, that organizes your important information chronologically - easily and intuitively


Keep the overview of the chronology and important facts in the case

By lining up important events in a timeline you will not only be able to illustrate the course of events to other parties, but also quickly and easily get an overview of the case. To every point you can tie a starting date, end date, time, people, documents, descriptions as well as color themes.

Proceedy Timeline

People galleries

Create people galleries with the most important people involved in the case

Create people in Proceedy and give them descriptions, contact information, color, or attach a relevant document or image. For example, a mail correspondence or a contract. All the people that you create can be added to points on your timelines to illustrate relationships between specific dates, times, documents and people.


Work on your timelines in a table

You can work on your timelines in a horizontal or vertical format, or you can choose for it to be shown in a table. All timelines can be shown in either format and can be exported in the desired format.


1 User
375 kr /md. ex. VAT
  • Unlimited access to all features


1 User
300 kr /md i 12 md. ex. moms
  • Unlimited access to all features

Organize important information with timelines, people galleries and relevant documents

Always have your case at hand whether you are online or offline.

Collaborate with your colleagues and achieve better knowledge sharing.

Save time in your work with a clearer overview.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci

Keep track of important events in the case

Why use Proceedy?

Easy access to all your documents, timelines and people galleries

With a solid structure in the case you can quickly get an overview and take a look at the references, that you are using.

Get input and share your thoughts with colleagues

Strengthen your arguments by getting continuous feedback from your coworkers.

Keep the overview

Proceedy Timeline can help you create a structured overview of the course of events in the case, and thereby be more secure in your understanding of the facts in the case.

Be free of paper and post-its

Avoid printing thousands of pages and organize your documents digitally.

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