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Integrating to Proceedy

Integration to Proceedy is done through our REST/API. You can find the Open API documentation at our test website. At the test site is possible to test the API through the Swagger UI and is also the place where to find the OpenAPI definitions. We recommend to take a look at OpenAPI Generator if you need to kickstart your own code or check our Postman API documentation.
To get access you need to have a service account (API key) per customer. To create a user – you need to acces our management application at – and you need to login as an administrator or let the customer generate the service account for you. If you do not have a customer yet – just sent an email to and we will provide you with a service account for the test environment and our test customer.

After login select Integration in the left-menu.
Authorisation requires:
  • Username 
  • Password
  • ClientID = integration-client
  • Client secret = <API-KEY>
Below an example from Swagger UI.
Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 20.57.42

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