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Proceedy is undergoing rapid development, and we continuously need more employees and skills. If you want to dive into the legal profession and help create change together, don't hesitate to contact us or send an application. Maybe you are exactly what we need.

Support employee

Proceedy is looking for a skilled supporter who will make our support the best for our customers. Are you dedicated to creating solutions and good experiences for customers when problems appear? Don't hesitate and send an application today.

Unsolicited application

At Proceedy we are always looking for talented employees for a multitude of different tasks. So if you are interested in the legal industry, are dedicated to developing intuitive solutions or in any other way are motivated to help lawyers becoming more digital, then please send us an application and a CV! Maybe you are exactly who we are missing!

Backend Developer

Proceedy is looking for an UI backend developer - are you passioned about collaborating with our product owner and development team in fine tuning Proceedy Timeline and develop the best customer journey, then this position is for you.

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