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Proceedy Timeline

Proceedy Timeline

Keep the overview of the chronology of the case

With Proceedy Timeline you will be able to quickly create a chronological structure in the case material. If new information arise, these can be added without any trouble. Create a good, clear overview of events and important relationships in any type of case.

A tool that supports your work process

Kort sagt – Brug Proceedy Timeline hvis du vil holde styr på fakta og kronologi

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Interview with lawyer Andreas Leidesdorff
Proceedy has had the pleasure of doing an interview with Andreas Leidesdorff, who is a lawyer and partner in the law firm Leidesdorff & Lund. On that occasion, we asked about his current workflows and relationship to digitization in the legal profession.
Mental well-being in the legal profession
In connection with the International Work Environment Day, April 28, Proceedy will mark the day by focusing on the work environment in the legal profession. According to a report from Karnov 2021, it turns out that 62% of Scandinavian lawyers have experienced work-related stress or anxiety.

Can Proceedy contribute to a better work process?

Chronology is crucial!

Proceedy delivers industry standards. We do not develop systems for specific areas in law. However, we are focused on delivering tools that can help all lawyers get an overview and prepare for their cases. No matter their specific area of work or the complexity of the case.

We wish to support the work of lawyers. To help them get a thorough understanding of the course of events in the case as well as relevant legal perspectives.

Retain important information chronologically in Proceedy Timeline

While reading the case material, simply input the information on the timeline, write descriptions, add people and attach documents to your points.

Get an overview of relevant people, organizations and locations in the case

Create a people gallery related to every case you work with, and add you own themes to people or points on the timeline.

Collaborate with colleagues - easily and intuitively

Simply share the case with a colleague to work together on achieving a great overview.

Create your own themes

If you want to indicate different themes in the case, you can give each point or person a color, or create separate timelines and people galleries for each part of the case.

A small company with big ambitions

The team behind Proceedy

CEO Anders Juul


CTO Aage Nielsen


PO Eva Konrad Hanneslund

IT Product Owner

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