Interview med Andreas Leidesdorff

Proceedy has had the pleasure of doing an interview with Andreas Leidesdorff, who is a lawyer and partner in the law firm Leidesdorff & Lund. On that occasion, we asked about his current workflows and relationship to digitization in the legal profession. 

Andreas points out that when Leidesdorff & Lund receive a case they create an overview first. Larger cases in particular require an overview which Andreas emphasizes can be a challenge. The challenge arises when cases are constantly changing and Andreas has to be able to leave the case, and therefore it is important that the overview is maintained. Another challenge is the sharing information between colleagues, as it is often very time consuming. Andreas describes that the sharing currently takes place by attaching files in an email with a description that explains the connection between the files. 

In touch with the challenges that Andreas experiences in the internal workflows, he considers that Proceedy Timeline can help him to keep an overview as cases develop over time. Moreover, with Proceedy Timeline Andreas can easily share information with his colleagues. 

“We are always looking for new methods that can improve our workflow in law, so that more and more workflows can be digital. We believe this helps, not only us but also our clients. ” says Andreas.

Andreas believes in digital solutions and wants to optimize his own workflows with the opportunities digital solutions offer him. Andreas has high expectations for the Proceedy Timeline. 

Andreas also has expectations that Proceedy Timeline can be a helpful tool in presenting cases in court. He believes that timelines in court are not very common to present and illustrate the course of the case. Andreas experiences a lack of tools that can be used to illustrate how parts of a case is connected. 

Finally, we asked Andreas if he would recommend the Proceedy Timeline, to which he replied:

"Yes. Based on the knowledge I have of Proceedy at this time, I would definitely recommend Proceedy to other attorneys. I believe that this is something our industry can greatly benefit from in connection with the preparation of the case in particular. ”

Collaboration with our users is extremely important for Proceedy, as it is the way we develop our solution in the best possible way. We are therefore pleased with the collaboration with Andreas Leidesdorff, and we greatly appreciate the feedback and not least the trust he has in us and Proceedy Timeline.

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