Why the legal industry?

How Proceedy started

After working with digitization of politicians and board members for more than 10 years, our interest fell on the legal industry which is still driven by conservative and manual workflows. The legal industry has a lot of good systems for handling documents, time registration, invoicing, and customer data, but the actual core work of the lawyer, which is working on and understanding the specific cases, is not supported by anything other than the Office package and perhaps a subscription to Adobe. We would like to change that.

The idea came from a request by the legal industry due to printed extracts, appendixes, and other documents being of great importance to any case preparation. There should be an alternative option! We have examined the legal industry by hosting workshops and conducting interviews with more than 10 lawyers, secretaries, and law students from both big and small law firms. Through this process, we have gained a profound insight into the workflows and the challenges that exist within the industry. Therefore, we believe that we can develop and provide helpful digital tools to solve these challenges. We do not just want to digitalize the industry; we want to improve the workflows for all legal employees.

Follow our progress on this website or contact us if you want to know more.