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Proceedy has had the pleasure of doing an interview with Andreas Leidesdorff, who is a lawyer and partner in the law firm Leidesdorff & Lund. On that occasion, we asked about his current workflows and relationship to digitization in the legal profession. 

Karnov's industry report “The Lawyer of the Future” from 2021 provides an insight into the legal industry, where mental well-being in particular, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, new digital solutions and new corporate structures take up a lot of space.

In connection with the International Work Environment Day, April 28, Proceedy will mark the day by focusing on the work environment in the legal profession. According to a report from Karnov 2021, it turns out that 62% of Scandinavian lawyers have experienced work-related stress or anxiety.

At Proceedy we have been lucky to acquire the help of four world champions and law students at Aarhus University. They have agreed to assist in our development of the best possible solutions for the legal industry. 

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