Social events

We want to create a workplace you want to be at, come back to and create results at.

Master of Board Games

It is not only in the legal profession where we strive to be the best.

At the board game café, we enjoy playing and challenging each other. Once we get started, we cannot stop! And there are always lots of laughter and cold drinks.

Sailtrip on Nemo

The sunny weather meant a trip into the blue on the sailboat Nemo.

We took turns steering the boat, and we made it to shore without any problems.

The spirits were high, the life jackets sat tight, and the drinks were ice cold.


When we hit the bowling alley, we do not fiddle around. 

Some were better than others, but that did not change the great atmosphere. 

Such an afternoon must be the definition of a perfect ending to a good and efficient day of work. 


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