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At Proceedy, we have been lucky to acquire the help of four world champions and law students at Aarhus University. They have agreed to assist in our development of the best possible solutions for the legal industry. We contacted them after reading about them winning the prize for Best subpoena at Vis Moot (the championship in proceedings), and asked if they wanted to give their input to help with our new digital legal solution. It was the perfect opportunity for us, as we are based in Aarhus and the brilliant students were finishing their master's degrees in Aarhus as well. Anders, Frederikke, Jens Kristian, and Lars participated in our first workshop in the spring of 2021 and have since then been in multiple test sessions in which they have given feedback on both design and functionality.   

"I have learned that workflows can become more effective with the right tools" 
From left: Frederikke, Anders and Jens Kristian

It is important to Proceedy to always be on the right path when developing new digital tools for the legal industry to solve the right problems, the right way.Various workshops, interviews, and our collaboration with the students have had a tremendous impact on solving these problems. As the students have great insight and knowledge about the industry gained through their student jobs at four different law firms, including them into our work has been essential to our development process. Due to them having worked with the exact challenges that we aim to solve, they make the ideal target audience for us, both now as students, and later when they might be working in courts and legal offices.

But how is it, as law students, to step out of their comfort zone and participate in developing software to a very conservative industry? We asked the students:


"First and foremost, I think it has been fun to participate in workshops. Brainstorming and working in groups has been exciting, especially hypothesizing about clever and functional solutions for software. Furthermore, it has been a good opportunity to meet like-minded people in the industry, who also see the potential in new IT-solutions" (Anders).

"As we through workshops and so forth have been 'forced' to reflect on workflows, I have become more aware of how I function in work related circumstances. Additionally, I have learned of the many processes that can be optimized with the right tools" (Frederikke).

"The most surprising part was finding out how many problems that exist in the legal industry can actually be solved with software. I think a common ideology is to just live with it, which, as it turns out, is not the case at all" (Jens Kristian).

"I have learned that workflows can become more efficient with the right tools" (Frederikke). 


It has been through workshops, interviews, and the stories that the students have told us that we have gotten the ideas, and opportunities for contributing to the workflows of lawyers. We want to deliver a product that makes the work more efficient and easy in areas where many in the industry might not see the possibility for improvement. 

As previously mentioned, our goal is to develop solutions to help lawyers improve their already existing workflows, and because of that our focus has been on collecting as much knowledge about the field as possible. That way, we make sure that we are developing tools that contribute to the legal industry in a new and efficient way. But have we reached that finish line yet?

"Proceedy differentiates itself by developing solutions that we never have had before. We already have multiple adequate digital solutions in the field, but they far from fulfill the need that actually exists. Proceedy has seen that there is a need for further digital development, and I believe that they are correct in their assessment" (Jens Kristian).

First and foremost, Proceedy differs from others by being more intuitive and by targeting specific tasks" (Anders). 

We would like to give a big thank you to Anders, Frederikke, Jens Kristian, and Lars for their amazing contribution to our workshops and for helping us become better at what we do. We look forward to continuing our work together in the future.


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